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others were killed. >>> the u.s. state department is postponing a meeting with russia diplomats on syria. the meeting was postponed bus a u.s. review is underway on the use of chemical weapons. >> i'm not certain where this will lead, once the redline has been crossed and chemical weapons have been used i believe the president has to take action. >> john kerry said that evidence strongly indicates chemical weapons were used in syria. on monday a team of inspectors used -- visited one side of attack and faced snipe ir fire. the reported attack killed you hundreds of people and made others sick and moving the united states closer to military action than any point in the civil war. >>> still ahead, more burglars posing as fake city workers and getting in bay area homes. >>> the brave 10-year-old girl from pennsylvania who underwent a double lung transplant speaks out for the first time. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv.
union members voted to reject the contract that's reached with management. scott shows us what happens and more importantly what it means for people who are relying for the bus. >> reporter: they're right back to where they started after a late night meeting here on saturday night in the union head quarters where members of the union decided to go ahead and reject the contract, tentative contract that both ac transit and the unions agreed on just about a week ago. that was up for grabs of the tentative contract, the president of atu local says in a statement, our members spoke loud and clear, end of quote. you might remember back on august 5th, members say they were ready to strike if the deal is not reached, on the 7th. the next day, included of a 9 and a percent raise and now it looks like both parties will be going back to the drawing board. >> they'll be back at it talking to members tomorrow to decide how they want to move forward. reporting in oakland, scott rays kron 4 news. >>> the fire claimed the lives of five women including the bride to be. the limo ride was part of a bache
but we will wait until they tell us we have to. >> joanne scott is one of the people leaving in the community in groveland just outside of the burn zone. >> i have asthma. today was a little more difficult. i stayed inside and used my inhaler. >> reporter: firefighters are battling strong winds and rough terrain. >> i haven't been evacuated yet. >> how is this on your family? >> it is rough. the kids are with the grandparents so that makes it a little easier. having school in session makes it complicated. we are going to stay at one of the camp sites here for the duration. >> reporter: do you know if your home is still up? >> my home is still up. >> reporter: residents say the rim fire has taken a toll on their families but understand that the situation could be worse. >> i hope you don't have to go through it again. it is very nerve wracking, but we got out. we are safe. >> i don't think it is going to come all the way into pine mountain lake. i don't think it is going to do that. i'm trusting the firefighters. i'm feeling pretty good. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service is
, more than a dozen semitrucks rolled into this area. these are trucks that will likely be used to haul off materials from the bay bridge. reporting from san francisco, jr stone, kron 4 news. >> with the bay bridge shut down now in effect, kron 4's alecia reid shows us every way to get around the bay area. >> reporter: bart expects a good amount of the people that usually drive across the bridge to hop on the trains over the labor day weekend. 14 of their stations will offer 24 hour service with trains running every hour during the times they are normally closed. those locations include, dublin pleasantton, san francisco airport. concord. keep in mind, they have to close down four hours early tuesday morning. so from midnight to 4:00 a.m., there will be no access because of the state mandated train inspections. all transit bus services across the bridge have been suspended until the new bridge opens. >> people who usually take the bus could hop on the same bus, but it would dump them off at bart station for their continued trip to san francisco. >> reporter: the san francisco bay ferry
evening, i'm catherine heenan. tonight, snake scammers using a very unusual burglary tactic. kron 4's justine waldman has the details. >> reporter: here is the sketch of who police are calling the snake scammer. a hispanic woman, 5' 6'', with blond or light brown hair and a lip piercing. police tell kron 4 she wears a uniform of khaki clothes and work boots. on her shirt is a patch that says animal control and the name al. but she is not at your house to get rid of snakes. police tell kron 4 she is there to steal your jewelry and money. >> it is like the scam with utility workers. there is an urgency because the snakes are supposedly loose in the neighborhood and people have a natural fear of snakes. >> reporter: the suspect says snakes are on the loose and she needs to set traps in your backyard to catch them. she then, police say, distracts the victims outside for about 30 minutes an then the other suspects come in and steal your stuff. >> in either case, the violation they feel for having their house entered, you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood wher
thieves that used this stolen pickup truck at walnut creek. >> they were wearing hoodies and covering up their faces and bodies. >> the burglar went down just before 6:00 thursday morning. officer say this was the only glaps case that the thieves were able to break into. the they were not able to get the high end merchandise which was in the back room over night safe. detective released the surveillance video photo showing the white trailer and another getaway vehicle minutes after the store is broken into. >> officers were here within just a few minutes and that's was all they needed to get in there and the getaway car and get out of town. >>> today a bicyclist, was sentenced in san francisco. 37-year-old chris, was sentence to 1000, 000 of community service. it happened last month, he ran multiple red lights after crashing into the victim. hopefully this will send a strong regulation for all bikers everywhere. >>> well, it was still warm out there today for the inland valleys, we are in the upper 80s and lows 90s this afternoon. south bay low 80s and we are warmer in san francisco toda
as a federal agent. one woman here has been harassed by these calls that she reached out to us. the real dda says it is a big problem and people need to know that it is happening. kron 4 news, gabe has the report. >> reporter: this woman asked that we alter her voice, she's afraid of retaliation. she's got a call from a 415 number that she did not recognized and the mystery caller left the voice mail. >> they were official and federal and they were telling me that i had to call them right away concerning a case. i thought i was in trouble. >> here is the voice mail that she waerd, her real name was spoken at the beginning which we beeped out. >> regarding of an ongoing criminal investigation, contact us immediately at 415-251-8119. the division 48. >> worried that this was real, rebecca called the number >> they said they have a warrant for my arrest and that if i did not pay a fee, they'll come and arrest me. division 38 bda made it clear wanting and he will make the arrest go away. she reached out to me to help. i visited assistant to the special agent in charge, dba of the san francisco
after the u.s. intelligence agency warned of the potential terror attack abroad. they're not specific of when or where the attack could occur. officials are monitoring possible targets here in the bay. emily smith reports that in the middle east where they're closely watching for a terror. >> reporter: now the waiting u.s. embassies and consulates across the middle asia are closed on sunday. where multiples telling cnn of an attack plan can be at its final stages. >> other than the fact they are planning of an enormous attack, a catastrophic type of attack is probably the best way to describe it. i cannot go further than that. >> the threat is considered credible or ambiguous, it can target all across the region and though yemen is getting particular attention. with security around u.s. embassies there is tighter than usual. including the christmas day 2009 bomb threat. there is a new twist, al-qaida leader in yes monowants bin-laden as a personal secretary. >> is this a potential opportunity for him to make his mark? >> it maybe. this is him coming out, of al-qaida, the plot was in t
of sandra coke's friands stopped by. they didn't want to say much. they didn't address us, they just wanted to convey to us that this was a very difficult day and they wanted us to respect their privacy. that is understandable considering the gruesome discovery made in vacaville today. that is video we shot after a long and laborious day, the oakland police command center seen leaving. behind the alameda county coroner's office. the body of a woman was taken away and we are all waiting to hear from the coroner's office to identify the body. we have spoken to several neighbors out here at aileen street in oakland. they are distraught. one woman started to cry when i mentioned her name and said like most of her neighbors, she is fearing the worst. as to how the oakland police department determined her body could be in vacaville, we are learning her daughter did a search online. a gps search of her phone and it said her car was located in vacaville, the oakland police department will not confirm exactly what led them to that area, but that is a possibility. live in oakland, phillipe jegal, kro
not want to talk to us on wednesday. i said to the girl, what did you do with your feet in the water, don't you know there is fish in there and as we turned right away, she did not make any comment and we turned and it looks like we are all in trouble now. >> investigators say the tip helped lead to the discovery of dimaggio's car. to on saturday afternoon, after a r says an fbi agent shot and killed dimaggio. now, the focus turns to her recovery, >> she's our first priority and making sure she gets all the care she needs now and today and of course the weeks and months ahead. >> anderson's father traveling to idaho to reunit with his daughter to a happen ending to a horrific story. >> we knew she was strong and she can make it. and she did it. >> she made it out alive and in good health, how she's doing mentally now is another story, in the coming days we'll hope to learn more of how she's taking and why. in the news room kron 4 news. >>> it was a little warmer out there today in the inland valleys, a fewer degrees warmer in concord. in fact, below average all around the bay area.
sorts of fancy equipment, tonight we are using the led lighting system here on the bay bridge, you can see it is very clear and bright. it is been three years in the making of the new lighting for the bay bridge, the new span will be by 48, 000 led. you can see the road way will be bright and evenly lit for drivers. the lights are pointed in the direction of travel. it better i illuminates of the object in front of them and of act like the second head line lights and helping them see things better. >> what's not large is the power used to light up the road ways. the new system consumes 60% less energy than the old lights of the span of the bridge. >> this is a new technology, and that type of thing, these are actually led lighting and produce a whiter colored light as well as a much longer and have a much longer light of itself. >> cheaper and brighter and safer. that was the goal. >> one of the things we designed of the fixtures each led individually so we can sharply control the glare and particularly the glare for oncoming drivers that's looking from the lights that's pointing back
as a year and grog and selling marijuana on the streets of suspect cruz. many of them said to be using the proceeds to finance harder drug use. crews uprooted and destroyed several hundred pot plants and set about cleaning up the sprawling camp. >> the homeless problem, we are seeing a more aggressive population that is more drug dependant, they are using marijuana to fund their meth use. they have different items open property that have been taken from somewhere. brought into this camp and oftentimes turned back around on the street for sales of drugs or to proliferate their marijuana garden. >> the camp is on private property, not far from a residential area which was threatened by a fire back in june. it was a fire that police thought may have been started by a homeless woman from this camp. >>> we are looking forward to the weekend here. right now, clear skies here in downtown san francisco. a pretty shot looking at city hall. we are expecting the clouds and fog to develop overnight. in san francisco right now, it is 60 degrees. same in oakland. san jose, you are at 63. livermore.
will continue to warm us as we head into your friday. our inland valleys in the upper 80s. and we saw a few 90s out there. in the south bay we have a low 80s in the afternoon but it is going to warm more into tomorrow. it is move into our bay shore. it is going to lead to warmer conditions for your friday. the warm up will be leading into the week, i will explain why and we'll take a look at your labor day holiday, coming up. >>> still no decision tonight from president obama of the possibility of a u.s. military intervention in syria, this is response to chemical weapons. chemical weapons must be held accountable. there are concerns that the u.s. may be alone in the effort, in britain the prim minister pushed for a tough response were shut down. >>> coming up, the yosemite national park fire continues to grow. we'll show you what firefighters are doing to protect the bay area's drinking water. >>> plus, a mysterious man who bit a dog, you heard that right, it is all caught on tape. >>> and of the bart strike, of what they're asking for and when they'll go back to work. kron 4 news. female nar
. tonight, kron 4's dan kerman give us a look at the roadways and how they fared in julyment. >> reporter: if you remember back to the first day of the bart strike, you remember gridlock. traffic was john july 1 just slightly on the bay bridge. but let's get to the nitty- gritty. congestion. the worst traffic on the bay bridge was between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. people started leaving earlier and friday, july 5, just before those trains started rolling again, the worst traffic on the bridge was between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. and remember, we are expecting a 10% increase in vehicles if the strike happens next week. now let's talk about the worst communities. well, they were all in the east bay. 80 to the bay bridge. 580 from 238 to the maze. 24 from 680 all the way to 580. how bad was it in? in the first morning of the strike, it took an additional 24 minutes to get there. and an additional 12 minutes on highway 24. and, you saw the greatest increase in vehicles, you know where that was? that would be along 880 at witton avenue. vehicle traffic increased 114% between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning. t
, all two unions an us as a third party are trying to get on the same direction. we all want to get this done. >> this is entirely avoidable. this time, with the increase rev views, the increased workloads we expect bart to come at it with a fair approach. instead, they brought in somebody who has held up the process. so, we are looking for hopefully the legislatures to follow through on their promise to look at bart's books and conduct an audit and we will look at who has been responsive. >> reporter: and about 20 minutes ago, a delivery guy showed up with a bunch of food so this could be a very long night for these negotiators. i'm jeff bush, live in oakland, kron 4 news. >>> it was a little warmer out there, but temperatures well below average this time of year. here are looks at the high temperatures, concord six degrees below average close tore average in vallejo and oakland. we are seeing temperatures in the 50s and 60s throughout the bay area. 60 in concord, oakland, 67 out in antioch. tonight, we are going to see widespread fog again. it will clear faster tomorrow which wi
can be used while the long-term can be worked on, something that'll take months. the work left on the bay bridge minimal. here is what's being done. the electric work is being finished and finally joint road decks are being installed. here is what needs to happen. the entire bridge must be closet least four days to connect the bridge to the tunnel. stripping and paving work mu and during that time construction crews must must -- more asphalt like this should be placed down and set into place, all within the four days. jr stone, kron 4 news. >>> he's also the chairman of the senate transportation and housing committee. the bay bridge should open as soon as possible, however, he does think it is time to take a look at how caltrans is operate. >> it is supposed to be finish in 2013 and it is now almost 2014, and that puts the commuters at an extreme risk, f/s there is another earthquake for ten years should not happen. performance of the project is not acceptable. the appropriate time after we get the update and ensure the safety and the immediacy of getting the people on the brid
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francisco's water supplies. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. good evening thanks for joining us, i'm vicki liviakis. >> and i'm jon fanolio. that fire is threatening residents tonight. the fire has grown exponent usually. the fire has burned just under 130,000 acres. 11,000 of that is inside owe similarity national park. the 2700 firefighters along with national guard c130 aircrafts have only made minimal progress battling this blaze. the fire is just 5% contained up from 7% contained from 2% on friday. the government has issued a state of emergency for the bay area as the fire inches closer to a critical water and power source that services the city of san francisco. >> the reason why the state of emergency was declared, that fire has forced two of three hydroelectric power houses that service san francisco to go offline. but so far, electricity has not been impacted. it is four miles from heche where san francisco gets most of its water supply. phillipe jegal is out there. he has spoken to residents who have been told to leave the area. >> luis yeyes and his wife are ready to go, but the
continue to go over the details. kron 4 news tells us how the negotiations are going. >> reporter: passengers are now on edge as they think about whether they'll a motive transportation o. >> you will find the common man begin to help one another. >> if the strike goes into effect. 181, 000 riders travel ng the east bay and san francisco and the peninsula will be affected each day. >> you will never know what's going to happen, you can wake up and the bridge can be down, you never know what's going to happen so nothing is guaranteed of the next morning you wake up, it is always going to be something. i try to make myself be prepare for their inconvenience. >> local 192 represents 6000 mechanics and bus operators thrten to go k on july 4th and they continue to negotiate a. rep from the union says the current threat of the work stop shows how tough the negotiations have been. >> i have heard bus drivers talking and they try to do things right and they understand the plan for the common guys. they know how important transportation is for people. >> reporter: to prevent a catastrophic
toward her fence, she used a garden hose to keep the flames away until firefighters got to the scene. at one point, it got too hot. >> i had to run back. the fire started coming up so i said i had to get out of here. i had to go look for the dog and they are knocking and saying get out. >> reporter: but the work she did paid off. the flames flames skipped her house and continued to the home next door. >> it just jumped across her house and started running across. >> reporter: with more than 40 charred acres, there were more than 50 evacuations. although these two homes are completely gutted, firefighters focus on preserving jesse's residence. >> we decided if we can't save those two structures, they put a line in the sand there and those guys hustled like you would never see to keep our house from burning up. impressive. >> reporter: fire officials believe this massive fire started on the roadside along i- 80 then quickly spread. we are told one of the owners of one of these houses was celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today. live in fairfield, alecia reid, kron 4 news. >>>
and gunpoint. the local businesses i use everyday have been vandalized. my local dog park has been the subject of assault. it is very scary because i'm out at night walking the dogs. i'm always scared that might happen to me as well. >> reporter: the police department reminded the crowd it is under staffed but says it is taking crime concerns very seriously. the chief says pain clothes officers regularly walk the castro. he says cell phones have been a popular item to attract them and people should keep their electronics in their pockets. residents are reminded to always report crimes no matter how small they seem. police won't know where to focus if the crimes are not guilty reported. in san francisco, phillipe jegal, kron 4 news. >>> it has now been three weeks since 21 month old daphne webb was reported missing. tonight, dozens of friends, family, supporters gathered for a vigil in daphne's honor. they prayed for the toddler's safe return. her mother was distraught. neighbors reminisced about the baby they knew and loved. >> i saw how much love kiana had for daphne and john. and even there
, there is a new mobile appcasion that helps -- allication that helps people. >> you can use your computer, too, if you like. >> it's a free app and is relatively easy to use. >> after downloading the app to your phone you have to register. >> that can be done by e-mail or facebook verification and only takes a few minutes. >> you just put in the place where you want to be picked up and the place where you're going, and another karma member sends you a message and picks you up. >> you'll get a description of the driver and a photo so you'll recognize them when they come to get you. >> there are us more places for a more traditional car pooling experience. >> the app saw you a huge number of new members during the last strike and 511.org is a good alternative. >> car pooling is the best alternative to bart, and the karma app is a good way to cord nate a ride into the city. >> kron 4 news. >> we'll take a look at how much it will cost the bay area economy. >>> streets are open after san francisco police determined a suspicious device was not dangerous. >> at 7:25 tonight, this was the scene earli
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's house the dogs attacked him and pierce his teeth into his skin and ripping his head. >> his dad tells us this is not the first time the dog next door showing aggressive behavior. >> its got me right here and there is a little bit of a scar there but i did not see anything about a month down the road we are just kind of playing around in the garage and my german shepherd was here and there. he kind of waunderred off and the two pit bulls charging out of the garage, if i was not here and the neighbor was not here and kicked the dogs off, my dog would be probably dead. the female that attacked my son is very aggressive, very aggressive, he had two different kinds bites. >> one of the dogs out and put it in the animal service. >> that dog is being quarantine at antioch animal service and if the homeowner decide to fight to get the dog back and the process of euthanizing it may take longer. i don't care kron 4 news. >>> fowler was stabbed to death in his home more than 3 months ago. tonight for the first time her father defending the 12-year-old of accused of the crime. >> i turned isaih in.
additional cal fire resources working out. which allows state and federal agency to use city resources to fight the fire. at last checked the fire was less than 3 miles from the yosemite park and only 8 miles from -- the city of san francisco owns and operates the resevoir and as a precaution the sccuc -- the water supply is safe but the fate of the power system is still in the air. >> charles clifford kron 4 news. >>> the low pressure system bringing the thunderstorm and lightning strike is pushing well to the north and so we are seeing calmer condition this evening and it continues tomorrow. it remains dry and hot. here is a look at the imagery from earlier this afternoon. you can see the smoke on the sat i am image ray. right now, still in the 80s for the central valleys but 60s up through the sierra. humidities are going to remain very low. they're still low this hour. just showing you how dry it is up in the mountains. it is going to remain dry. the good news is at least the thunderstorms have died down and they'll stay out of the area for the next couple of days. >>> almost anywh
to talk to him and keep him talking and keep him with us as long as we can >> i did not look around to see if they were still here, possibly shot pe me, i did not care because in my head i was like, he needs help. >> this is the first homicide in union city. >>> an 8-year-old injured of the shooting. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. the victims were taken to the local hospital, the extensive of the injuries were not known but they are all expected to survive, no suspects are in custody. >>> just after 11:00 saturday night, two men armed with handguns inten entered in the back office and confronted the employees and demanded cash. the two men fled and into a silver colored jeep. no one was injured. >>> at 11:00 residents on edge as police search for a man groped the woman while she was jogging. >>> also, some good news for the puppy reportedly stolen from the south bay. more news is next. >>> in south san francisco police are searching for a man they say groped a woman while she was jogging. >> it happened on 6:30 friday morning. kron 4 news tells us what happened and how neighbors f
the unions because when you look at the facts they were giving us like, we as in me and my group thought, you know, they are inconveniencing a bunch of people for four dollars. one dollar a year for the next four years. and so i just thought they were being unreasonable at that point. but now, now i'm learning that the management isn't even coming to negotiations or somebody is not showing up. >> reporter: one thing the riders kept telling me is the only thing that matters to them is that the trains keep running and they are sick of the theatrics being played out causing a lot of anxiety and headaches for the commuting public. i'm jeff bush in oakland for kron 4 news. >> coming up, we will show you other ways to get around the bay area if the workers strike monday. >>> other news now. former san jose teacher craig chandler was found on all counts of molesting five little girls. this is video from a court appearance last year. chandler was arrested in early 2012 on charged he blindfolded five of his students an made them perform oral section. outside of court today, the prosecutor says she bel
you! we didn't hear any sirens. nobody informed us or anything like that. so this is the first i heard. when did it happen? >> around eight 8:30. >> reporter: pd says the two men distressed in orange vests and hard hats convinced the homeowners to let them in. once they were inside, they pistol-whipped the resident, tied him up, and a 6-year-old little girl. then they ransacked the house stealing money and other items. betty says she and her husband moved to this neighborhood, because it is quiet. >> we felt safe because there's no bars on the windows in this neighborhood. it gave us indications it was fairly safe. >> reporter: neighborhood watch captain monica mcdonald heard the news and says she is glad to have a big dog to protect her. >> we've not had anything like this in the neighborhood in a language long time. nothing like this. it's kind of scary . >> reporter: police say the pg&e workers always carry identification on them and wear clearly marked uniforms and drive clearly marked vehicles. >>> a 1-year-old boy and his father gunned down while sleeping in an east oakland apar
with us through tomorrow and continuing overnight. we will zoom in here. you see the san mateo coastline. it is on going and producing lightning strikes as it heads out over waters. also we are getting great returns in cupertino. these cells over the south bay are not producing lightning. that is good news. we have another cell over danville. it returns on the radar, but nothing except half moon bay. we did have a good deal of activity over the central valley that was migrating. again we still have the chance of thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow. i will explain what you can expect, and i will talk about the fire danger and red flag warning. >>> 911 calls after a limosine burst into flames. today authorities say the cause of the fire on the san mateo bridge was accidental. we begin our team coverage with the investigation and the citation issued after the multi- agency probe. >> we concluded the fire was accidental. >> reporter: meaning no one was to blame including the driver. >> there is no real cause that can be attributed to anything that could have been done ahead of time to preve
to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >> the fight against mosquitoes which carry west nile soar us is kicking in right now in the south bay. fogging is underway. charles clifford has the latest. >> reporter: santa clara county vector control says this neighborhood here, they are seeing the highest number of mosquitoes with west nile they have seen in years since 2007. they are going to begin ground fogging in this area. i saw a fogging truck. they have started tonight and they will fog several hours to try to get the mosquito population under control. this is a google earth view. this is where they will be fogging. i-680 is the eastern border. the guadeloupe river is on the western edge. vector control says the fogging will last several hours. they will be covering about four square miles. the district discovered west nile virus back on august 16. it is transmitted by mosquitoes but can spread to birds and other animals. most people who debt the illness can feel flu like sy
want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ can help you do what you do... even better. i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh...no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. >> hundreds of thousands of americans are camping out against crime tonight. they are coming together near an far to speak out about the safety of their communities. the annual national night out has many people in the bay area braving cold temperatures to have their say. kron 4's alicia reed was at one event in san jose. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: music and dancing were a part of the day's festivities. the goal of national night out is to highlight drug and crime prevention. whi
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